Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dealers in Death

Dealers in death
dabbling in darkness

we are the gatekeepers of the porthole to the next world

Our clients : Dead Before Arrival

bones cling-wrapped in skin

ravaged by a retrovirus

distorting DNA


we will callously stamp their passport

for the next leg of the journey

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my sisters - my mirror

some women cut women down to less-than-size
whispering words wicked and worldly
sneaky and suspicious
dragging down

my sisters, they share and comfort and advise
and soften and heal and protect and
cushion the blows
and lift and

my sisters sharpen their brains
and polish their souls
comb their words
reflect in their

I look with pride in the power
they yield, their voices
crisp and confident

scholars and scientists
writers and mothers
wives and activists
in awe I stand

I salute your power
so poignant and poised
I'm humbled at your humility
so undeservedly unassuming

we stand as a unit
a fortress, a shield
a mirror
reflecting against
each other

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

shall i tell you ?

Shall I tell you of poverty so close that it stains my clothing,
yet so far away that I can wash it off the next day?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

an epic tale

Hands go up in despair,
If they don't, why should I care?
Legal wranglings from here to there
An underlying tone of arrogance found.

One question : is our democracy sound?
Malema's foot six feet in his mouth,
don't dismiss him , the lad's got clout.

Zuma up on his throne unscathed,
His henchmen shouting, "hooray we're saved"
'Counter Revolutionaries' marched and fed
to the lions , or gallows,
"off with your head".

The schoolyard bullies
pushing around
Judging the Judiciary,
the media they've found.

Still on the sidelines,
the people they wait
"Promises, promises, give us a date,"
We'll give you a chance but don't disappoint,
or another King we will anoint.

With patience we'll see this drama play out,
We'll support and pray and sometimes doubt.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

After every Revolution ... comes a new order

A mix of Hollywood-style adrenalin output, spectacular South African performances and unashamed jibes at social consciousness

I need to rule out the negatives before getting to the meaty parts , just so that It appears as though I'm being objective. After sifting out some contrived script, an overdose of 'skop-skiet-en-donder' and a feel-good ending, Jeruslama left me thoroughly entertained and very uneasy.

Someone alien to the South African context, might find that the script was trying to pull the strings of sentimentality, but to me the issues felt Real.

Jerusalema - the promised land.
The movie gives an honest reflection on the undelivered and unspoken promises of the post-apartheid era. It highlights the sense disillusion felt by the poor and the options left to them.

Poverty- the reality of it.
Poverty translated down to characters and situations is uncomfortable and disturbing. It's not a sentimental script ... this is too real. I found myself cringing with embarrassment for not being more active in efforts to readjust the status-quo.

Crime - critics could claim that the movie glorifies crime. But who said that art was supposed to be a moral compass? Maybe sometimes it needs to be a reflection of reality . It just depends on which side of the fence you are sitting. True, the grass is greener in the suburbs.

Putting South Africa on the map -
The strength of the cast and cinematic beauty that the Johannesburg sky-line offers, makes the quality of this production world class.

It's worth a watch - if only to engage with my comments :)