Sunday, May 18, 2008

to sleep ... during a paediatrics call

i sit awake , no choice of mine
the moans of labour not far behind
the seductive promise of sleep so deluding
i see newborns , but I'm not brooding

I'll give a leg... ok maybe a toe,
for a warm water bottle, a blanket to throw,
over my cold self, my husband nearby.
on second thought.. I'll give a thigh.

I wait to be called,
rushed into action.
perhaps an emergency ...
faecal impaction?

I'm tried...
it's late
I write such nonsense
I've got to go
(can't even find anything to rhyme with nonsense )


A fitting day to start blogging - a birthday. new beginnings and all that. My birthday resolution
(i made it just now) - search for sanity (myself, my country , the world ...)

Blogging - it's interesting and exposing , a bit uncomfortable , a bit 'out there'.

The boundaries are blurred... a diary ? a blog ? a bliary ?