Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a small story friend

Let me tell you about a man who never had his obituary written in a newspaper.
He spoke to each man as if the man had so much importance in the world. He won hearts without wanting to .He walked with humility, because he probably felt that he had nothing to be proud of. But striving never to hurt another man, sacrificing your needs for those of others, lending an astute ear and keen eye to the nuanced likes and dislikes of your loved ones and strangers, friend - such a man has reason to be proud (although he will never know it). This man walked a gentle walk, talked a gentle talk and held integrity above all else. Take his money, take his possessions, but please friend , don't falsely taint his name. And he died with a few shirts in his wardrobe, having crossed the sea only once, on pilgrimage. He left us comfort but so much else: a wealth of morality that would serve us good to tap into. This self-less hero, this grandfather-would-be...